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Kambos Nature House!


Kambos Nature House

Casa Al Mare Kapsali!


Casa Al Mare Kapsali Kythira

Amazing Sunset in Kythira!

Welcome to Skinos Houses!

Vanis nature house

Lonely Country Houses!

Live the Kytherian Nature!

Mantalas House 2min from the beach

Traditional Volto in Kythira

Drymonas Traditional Volto

Live in a 200-year-old Cave House!

A unique experience!

Makri's Cave

5 Mins From KapsaIi

Secluded 3 BR House

Overlooking the endless blue of the sea!

Enjoy your stay!

Kytherian Local Products!

Fine quality, reliability, and authentic!

Skinos Houses in Kythera

Live the Kytherian Nature

If you are looking for a way to charge your batteries, what you need is a truly "exotic" experience!

Nature Houses -//- Lonely Eco Friendly Houses -//- Traditional Houses

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From €70 / night

Explore Kythera

Enjoy the Mediterranean Nature

Located off the south-eastern edge of the Peloponnese, Kythera Island has always been an important crossroads for the eastern Mediterranean. As indicated by archaeological findings in the island’s caves, Kythera’s original inhabitants settled here during the Neolithic period in the sixth millennium BC.


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